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Version: 3.2.2
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Descriptor Objects

“Descriptors” are objects that describe some attribute of an object. They are found in the dictionary of type objects.

PyTypeObject PyProperty_Type

The type object for the built-in descriptor types.

PyObject* PyDescr_NewGetSet(PyTypeObject *type, struct PyGetSetDef *getset)
PyObject* PyDescr_NewMember(PyTypeObject *type, struct PyMemberDef *meth)
PyObject* PyDescr_NewMethod(PyTypeObject *type, struct PyMethodDef *meth)
PyObject* PyDescr_NewWrapper(PyTypeObject *type, struct wrapperbase *wrapper, void *wrapped)
PyObject* PyDescr_NewClassMethod(PyTypeObject *type, PyMethodDef *method)
int PyDescr_IsData(PyObject *descr)

Return true if the descriptor objects descr describes a data attribute, or false if it describes a method. descr must be a descriptor object; there is no error checking.

PyObject* PyWrapper_New(PyObject *, PyObject *)